What We Do

What We Do

Strategic Bid Management with winning themes based on effective research to carefully position your brand to match your products or services with the needs of your potential client and showcase you to your best advantage

Strategic Bid Management to establish the winning strategies and themes for a particular bid or proposition that focuses on your potential clients aspirations and expectations from the outset. We introduce you to the powerful 3Ps ProcessTM that underlies every element of successful business generation to identify the Problem (the issue that your customers wants to solve) with the solutions you offer through your Product (your goods or services) that meets their Purpose (the ultimate benefit or outcome that your customer wants to achieve).

We carry out detailed research into each opportunity and look behind the obvious information that is provided to really understand what your potential client wants to achieve and how you can best help them do it. Winning strategies goes well beyond answering the questions you are asked in a bid thereby avoiding any need to sell your goods or services and gives your customers more reasons to buy from you rather than your rivals.

Our comprehensive approach combines effective business development techniques and targeted bid strategies, excellent communication and creativity, technical solutions, management planning and risk management throughout the entire process.

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The Path to Successful Bid Management: “…If you would know the path ahead, ask someone who has travelled it…” (Chinese Proverb)

Proposal & Bid Writing using outstanding writing skills that align your messages with your client’s objectives using simple, easily understood language that connects quickly for better, more consistent results

Proposal and Bid Writing to ensure high quality, high impact messages regardless of whether you’re bidding as a consortium or individually. We coordinate timely, compliant, consistent and appropriate responses for the technical, commercial and financial inputs either directly or liaising with your internal team. We write or edit inputs to ensure consistency so that your brand is carefully positioned to meet your customer’s needs and showcase you to your best advantage.
We use simple, easily understood language that connects quickly in combination with SMART principles to avoid weak, unachievable statements that could alienate you from your clients. We advise on the presentation and promote easily navigable documents, key messages and supporting graphics so that everyone at every level in the procurement team can find information without problem.

• Development of Sales Collateral – proposition documents, standardized material, etc.
• Assessment of current information
• Assembly of typical questions and answers
• Development of standardised format- CVs, Project Sheets, etc.
• Collation of Performance Data
• Compliance Requirements- ISO9001/ H&S, 14000, Policies
• Management, maintenance and growth of Bid Library to ensure it remains current

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“…Words differently arranged have a different meaning, and meanings differently arranged have different effects …” -Blaise Pascal

Bid Management using our bespoke Bid Roadmaps to guide your bid team, Bid Management Plan to control the process and save time and eliminate wasted efforts so you maximize valuable resources and focus on your core business

Bid Management throughout every stage of the process so you stay in control, save time and avoid wasted effort and losing money.
• Bespoke Bid Roadmap to guide the team and maximise valuable resources for the desired result.
• Using our Bid Management Plan with Traffic Light Control System to direct and monitor performance and report on progress.
• We build time into the process to ensure final reviews of the completed document are undertaken prior to submission using the final format, because this makes a big difference and allows you to make changes.
• Bid Ready Action Management Plan and assessment of your sales collateral.
• Data collection including performance measures and compliance checks.
• Creation of your Bid Opportunities Plan to align with your business development strategies and budget with careful monitoring to understand your return on investment.

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“…Start with the end in mind…” -Stephen R. Covey

Bid Training & Mentoring using powerful information and highly effective tools and techniques for generating new business and for bidding and winning contracts with an emphasis on ‘learning and doing’ and then ‘using them’ to get results

Bid Training & Mentoring so you get real world business results with the emphasis on ‘learning’ and ‘doing’. We help you to learn a range of tried and tested and proven techniques so you can go out and use them to create a more efficient business development team that achieves better results to improve your bottom line profits.
• Workshops and bespoke training with directors and staff to develop techniques and strategies integrating key messaging to promote your business and improve client engagement.
• Vision tools, including our ‘Bid-No Bid’ Assessment to enable you to understand whether an opportunity is right for you.
• ‘Cold Review’ of your previous bids to assess the responses you made to key questions and provide you with feedback as a benchmark from which to improve quality and knowledge within your team.
• ‘Hot Review’ of a current proposal prior to submission so it is the best it can be and reviewed with your team to hone their critical analytical skills.

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“…We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit…” -Aristotle

Presentation Skills preparation, training and advice so you don’t lose out at the end
More About Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills improvements to ensure that your spoken presentation aligns with your written word as a key part of your overall bid strategy to present you in the best light so you stand out ahead of your competition.
• Assessment of current skills of presentation and sales team.
• Development of Presentation Action Plan with benchmarking to ensure continued improvement.
• Presentation skills training and coaching using in house, external and remote support services.
• Support in the preparation of suitable presentation material.
• Pre-presentation preparation, practice and coaching.

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“…Communication works for those who work at it …” -John Powell